Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Human Baby is here!!

The Human Baby is here!!

The new baby was born on April 10th weighing 5lbs and 14 ozs and 18 inches long and lots of hair!!

I know I haven't posted in a long time but mom is sick and its from the 2 surgys she had do to some issues and she went to er their told her she had phenomenal in her left lung and the next day sick call said didt have that wont tell her what it is and asked her if she likes being sick all the time. Dad wanted to killed the doctor Mom wants not to be sick and crys because she is and the Military doc if she don't get better soon she will go to med broad to be discharge but mom and dad said not with out a fight though

I would like to thank Peanut and Flash and Family for taking care us while my mom was in hospitable Thank u so much or we would be stuck in Cage!

Friday, April 4, 2008

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi everyone

Iam sorry Iam just so happy, this is charlie and not scooby my mom is letting me blog now,
since i will be 1 year old this Saturday!!!
Today was a awesome day for me and scooby we played hard all day in doors,because it was raining out side all day. We for the first time got in to our toys and of course Iam the boss and try ed to keep the toys away from my brother scooby, but it didt work iam only 7lbs and scooby is like around 50lbs or so, so who do u thinck won.
well i did not make any mess in house today just for the toys were all over!!! My mom was so proud of us she gave us a dogie treat, but made me do a trick first, I just don't understand these humans. well got to go now going to surf the blogs while mom lets me since Iam allowed on computer. well till next time as long as mom don't change her mind.

from your little friend

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hello To All fellow doggies and others out there

Well its been a busy time in our house Iam better now Iam back to playing now still have one one more check up with the doc to see how the mange is doing
Well my oldest human brother went in for eye surgery for his lazy eye.
It went well, while he was away, Peanuts family, Babysat us Thanks to them we got to go out and play and go potty and their oldest human girl came over and played with us for 4 hours.
My mom is still waiting for baby to be born, she is due April 28Th, but her blood pressure has been very high like 150 and up and over 110 It keeps her up all night. so it all depends on how the pressure is doing if she is going to have baby induce.
Well I finally got to meet peanut my dad and his mom put them in his back yard to meet and hopefully play. Boy was I a little compare to him he just kept pushing me in the neck to play my dad says I need to gain more weight so maybe I can be a little more Brave .
But we got along just fine though Well got to go back in my cage mom let me type and go to potty sense she cant sleep.


Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well Happy Easter To All my Doggie Friends!!!

The Easter bunny came and I tryed to catch him but he was to fast for me but the bunny did drop a little bean looking thing, I ate that before my mom seen me. Well maybe the kiddles will drop something elese and Charlie & I can eat it up

again Happy Easter doggie friends


Mom said dont froget to tell everone elese Happy Easter to thats to included Humans

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My vist at docs

Well I went to the Doc's today, My friend Peanut's Mom guess right, I have Monica mange, The doc gave me cow med. and an other med to fix me up!!! Well My mom is letting my brother charlie out during the day while she is home, so far he is good but very much like a jack in the box.
We have been having dust storms and lots of wind like most of u have been to the weather needs to make up its mind one day its 88 and the next its cold and windy for the past 2 days,
Today was the kids last day of school for spring break, Mom and Dad already had a list of chores for them to do, They don't go back to school till March 31st.well hopeful Dad Can survive the kids being out of school so long and Mom survives dad yelling at the kids.
Well going back to sleep now Till next time



Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I thought I sign in and post a quick note sense I haven't in a few days for I have been ill My mom and DAD think I got a hold of red ants in back yard, their have me a Doc. apt in the Morin at 9:40 to see what is wrong with me. Well got to go back to sleep now that's all I Ben doing since I have been sick Will be back on Wed. to let u know what is wrong with me.

Oh p.s. My brother Charlie is doing better he some what letting everyone know when he has to go potty maybe mom will give him a trail run of being out of his cage after my doc apt tomorrow Hopefully she will and he wont let me down because I miss having him out wresting with me well till tomorrow


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Easter egg hunt

My Mom and Dad took the kids to the Housing Easter egg hunt and also had 3 other kids to.
Here are some pics from the egg hunt. Today is such a nice day maybe my Mom and Dad will take us for a walk and maybe we can get our Nebr to go with us I want to go met them today.

My mom is so proud of me, She left me out for 2 hours while their went to eat dinner and I did not pee or poop in the house or Even tear the house up. She is still trying to train my brother charlie in not peeing or pooping in house and he like to chew up everything in the house so he most of the time gets stuck in his cage does anyone have any tips to break my 7lb brother of theses bad habits so he can be free in the house let me Know and I will tell My mom and Dad